Oxygen Probe CarboProbe ZS Pro for heat treatment (%C)


The CarboProbeZS Pro probe was developed for very difficult working conditions. It is based on the ZrO2 C3M electrolyte. This probe measures the oxygen concentration and offers excellent accuracy for the measurement of carbon potential (%C) and temperature (°C).

Patented design for more security in your worshop!


This probe is based on our ZrO2 mixed cell.


Senseur Mixte ZrO2


Output 0 to 1200 mv
Readout impedance This probe should be used with controlling, recording and indicating instruments having input impedance of 8 megohms or higher
Response time Less than 1 second
Thermocouple Type K, S or without
Operating temperature From 600°C (1100°F) to 1150°C (2100°F)
Mechanical shock Resists mild mechanical shock. Handle carefully
Available lengths 500mm (19.7”), 650mm (25.6”), 750mm (29.5”), 850mm (33.5”), 1000mm (39.4), 1200mm (47.2”), 1300mm (51.2”)
Reference air Uncontaminated dry air at maximum rate of 1-6 l/h
Cleaning air Uncontaminated dry air at maximum rate of 300 l/h
External diameter 25 mm

Carboprobe ZS PRO key features

  • Patented design for more security in your working area
  • Swiss quality, gold coated LEMO electrical connector
  • Designed for difficult working condition
  • Based on the brand new ZrO2 C3M electrolyte
  • Ideal for use in carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and gas generator applications.
  • Every probe is 100% tested with certification, certificates are enclosed with each probe.
  • High reliability of the probe thanks to a simple and effective concept
  • Interchangeable with all oxygen probes or carbon sensors.
  • Reduces stress on the 4-bore tube, reducing incidents of breakages.
  • Can also be supplied with an outer protective ceramic
ZS Pro dimension 2019