CarboProbe IP-E for heat treatment (%C)


The CarboPorbe IP-E was developed for very difficult working conditions. It is based on a gas-tight measuring cell totally made of ZrO2 This probe measures the oxygen concentration and offers excellent accuracy for the measurement of carbon potential (%C) and temperature (°C).

Patented design for more security in your worshop!


This probe is based on our complete ZrO2 cell.


Senseur complet ZrO2


Output 0 to 1200 mV
Readout impedance This probe should be used with controlling, recording and indicating instruments having input impedance of 8 megohms or higher
Response time Less than 1 second
Thermocouple Types K, S, N or without
Operating temperature De 600°C (1100°F) à 1150°C (2100°F)
Mechanical shock Resists mild mechanical shock. Handle carefully
Available lengths 500mm (19.7”), 650mm (25.6”), 750mm (29.5”), 850mm (33.5”), 1000mm (39.4);
Reference air Uncontaminated dry air at maximum rate of 1-6 l/h
Cleaning air Uncontaminated dry air at maximum rate of 300 l/h
External diameter 25 mm


  • Patented design for more security in your working area
  • Measuring cell totally made of ZrO2
  • Designed for difficult working condition
  • Ideal for use in carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and gas generator applications.
  • Every probe is 100% tested with certification, certificates are enclosed with each probe.
  • High reliability of the probe thanks to a simple and effective concept
  • Interchangeable with all oxygen probes or carbon sensors.
  • Reduces stress on the 4-bore tube, reducing incidents of breakages.
  • Can also be supplied with an outer protective ceramic
Sonde à oxygène carbone IP-E avec les dimensions

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