Life cycle of our CarboProbe products

As part of our ISO 14001 certification, ECONOX has decided to make its range of oxygen probes 100% recyclable. The aim of this approach is to limit our impact on the environment as far as possible by complementing our ISO 14001 certification with a complete “recycling” section of our products.

All Econox products carrying the  100% recyclable label can be returned to us for complete recycling.

Upon request we can issue and send you a “recycling” certificate, proving that your probe has been 100% recycled.

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Recycling channel:

– All metallic parts are recycled through local companies ( LOCA – 2900 Porrentruy or Ramseyer SA à 2940 Courgenay)

Inert waste (ceramic parts)  are placed in landfills for non-hazardous waste in 2942 Alle – Switzerland

– Aluminium parts  are either recycled (through LOCA – 2900 Porrentruy or Ramseyer SA à 2940 Courgenay) or reconditionned to be used again.

– Joins and gasket are recycled though LOCA – 2900 Porrentruy