Corporate principle

Corporate principles in the fields of safety, quality and environment

In order to ensure the survival of our company, we renew our daily commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection. The objective of this engagement is to enable our employees to work in a more efficient way while minimizing our impact on the environment and running our activities in observance of our employees’ health and the legislation in force.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Permanently measure the performances of our quality and environmental system and to continuously enhance it.
  • To ensure the safety of all our employees and to properly maintain the equipment that we put at their disposal.
  • To control our impact on the environment
  • To minimize our energy consumption.
  • To sensitize all our employees to the importance of selective waste sorting as well as the benefits of our quality policy for the survival of the company.
  • To satisfy our clients by understanding their needs and meeting their requirements.
  • To re-educate all our employees to take a responsible attitude towards quality, safety and environmental protection.

The management of ECONOX SA is committed to provide adequate means that will enable all employees to implement the measures defined in the present corporate principles. It goes without saying that these values will not be sacrificed or disregarded for productivity reasons or lack of time.