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ECONOX is located in the Swiss Jura, 10 km from the French border. It was founded in 1984. The adventure  started in 1986 with the filing of the patent for the first ball-in-tube oxygen sensor. From the start, ECONOX has developed and manufactured equipment intended for measuring and regulating heat treatment atmospheres. Since then,  numerous developments have been made in order to satisfy an ever growing and discerning demand. This is how the “CarboProbe” range of oxygen sensors was born. Research was done to meet the stringent requirements of the ceramics industry, research laboratories, potters as well as universities.

In the field of pottery, the oxygen probes designed by Econox make it possible, for example, to measure the concentration of oxygen in a kiln and, thanks to this, to achieve fuel energy savings (thanks to economical firing ), to obtain reliable enamel colors (by knowing the right level of reduction for each firing) and to reduce pollution in the air (by reducing fuel consumption). Oxygen sensors can also measure the carbon potential of an atmosphere.

Our Carboprobe ZI oxygen probe

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